Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Helpful Innovative Article Marketing Tips for Online Companies

People with Internet-established businesses require innovative methods for promoting web sites, products and services, and a great way to market online is by way of articles. Two major reasons for article marketing are to help with bringing in web page visitors, paying customers, and reaching the search engines’ top lists. By using well-written, enticing and informative articles for advertising purposes, online business owners will accomplish these chief objectives. The following tips discuss the basics with marketing with articles on the Internet.

Promotion Campaigns that Consist of Written Content: main Goal – Attracting Web Page Visitors, Keeping Paying Customers Satisfied, Interested, and Reaching the Top of the Search Engine Lists:

• Provide useful and motivating information
• Offer consumers a web address link to your company site
• Write proficient and easy-to-read-and-comprehend articles

It is vital to follow specific guidelines when placing written content onto your web site. Every piece of writing ought to have at least 500 or more words, and the content cannot imitate any other original article already published on the Internet. Articles have to be unique and your own (or a ghostwriter’s own) creations. Hence, if you have to rewrite content from its original source, make certain to rewrite every word/sentence thoroughly, so that it does not look or sound anything like the original, and make sure the meaning remains the same as well.

Additionally, when writing articles for marketing and SEO reasons, make sure you do not obviously advertise products and/or services within the content. On your own web site, you will not need to add your URL to articles; however, on web sites that allow you to add links to your business site, you may wish to place the link in each article (usually within the final paragraph) or within your bio on those web sites.

When you choose to use articles for getting the word out about your Internet-based business, you may want to establish a marketing plan beforehand. The following tips are merely ideas you can use to get started with an article-marketing scheme:

• Each time you or a ghostwriter creates content, make certain every article looks and sounds professional. Read it over to make certain the entire article makes sense – proofread it and check for spelling and grammar errors – if there are errors in articles or the content is hard to comprehend, web page visitors will not finish reading and might not return to your web site or other sites where you place content.
• Written information needs to be motivating, inspiring and interesting, as well as informative. This part of article marketing is very essential.
• Make sure you add new content about various topics frequently and create keyword-worthy, exciting titles.
• Average length of articles for advertising and SEO intentions – 500 or more words – keep the keyword density under 5%, 2-4% is good, but higher density might not allow search engines to find and keep content at the top of the lists. Too many keywords might not be good, and not enough is insufficient.
• Provide interesting and helpful URLs to your web visitors, for example, web sites that you found useful, however, not ones that will take your customers away from you. (Optional)
o Some people choose to offer details about how to write essays or how to help pay for college, and the web site owners find articles that assist, for example, college students. By using those kinds of links and helpful articles, if you sell products, the information you offer in that aspect will not take away from your clientele, but it will help you obtain traffic to your business web site.
• Offer article readers and web page visitors more details about you, your company and its services and or products as well.
• For web sites that allow you to, you can add backlinks to content, URLs that direct people back to your company site.
• Remember to keep writings original and if you do copy a sentence or quote, cite your sources in-text, and always cite sources when using articles for ideas or rewrites. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to copyrights.

As it is with most Internet-based marketing, when you are creating new keywords or promotion techniques, you may needs to continue trying new things until certain methods work for you and your marketing goals. Remember, nothing comes overnight, except for paid-for express delivery. Continue to tenacious and patient. I hope the tips for article marketing is useful, and I wish you great success with all your goals and your online company!

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